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Occupational therapists are health professionals who receive their training in accredited university programs. They are concerned about what people ‘do’. The ‘occupation’ in our name refers to the general idea of being occupied. So when occupational therapists talk about occupations, they’re not talking just about jobs, but they mean all the activities that can occupy time during a day. Occupational therapists address the issues that get in the way of being able to do the things that are important, including the activities that allow you to independently take care of yourself and your family, and those activities that give you satisfaction and a sense of purpose in life.

lisa klinger and bonnie klassen, OT Now

i am always looking for clear explanations of OT, and this really stood out to me. 

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What are you, really, when you look beyond all images and ideas about yourself, when you look absolutely directly, right here and right now, when you stand completely within yourself and look underneath the mind, underneath the ideas, underneath the images? Are you willing to enter that space, the place that casts no image, no idea? Are you really willing and ready to be that free and open?
by Adyashanti - Falling into Grace (via iamyouis)

plum2 by botaroo on Flickr.

wild at heart

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{ wind and mist }
Whether you believe in God or not does not matter so much, whether you believe in Buddha or not does not matter so much; as a Buddhist, whether you believe in reincarnation or not does not matter so much. You must lead a good life. And a good life does not mean just good food, good clothes, good shelter. These are not sufficient. A good motivation is what is needed: compassion, without dogmatism, without complicated philosophy; just understanding that others are human brothers and sisters and respecting their rights and human dignity.
by Dalai Lama

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